MnSEIA Press Releases:

September 27, 2022
"MnSEIA Expects Biggest Year Yet at 9th Annual Gateway to Solar Conference"
April 26, 2022
"MnSEIA Applauds Attorney General’s Lawsuit Against Alleged Solar Bad Actors"
September 30, 2021
"MnSEIA’s Gateway To Solar Conference Returns In-Person For Its 8th Year"
June 24, 2021
O’Grady to Lead MnSEIA as Executive Director
June 23, 2021
MnSEIA Celebrates $31 Million Win for Minnesota Solar Industry
March 10, 2021
Governor Walz declares March 10 as ‘Clean Energy Business Day’
December 22, 2020
Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Extended for 2 Years
August 31, 2020
MnSEIA Endorses Electoral Candidates for the First Time
June 18, 2020
Minnesota Utilities Step Up to Expedite and Increase Their Investment in Solar to Aid Pandemic Economic Recovery