MnSEIA is focused on growing Minnesota’s upcoming energy storage market. Our work in the 2019 Legislative Session helped lay the foundation for a Minnesota storage industry and our efforts in 2023 created the first energy storage incentives in the state. MnSEIA’s Board of Directors voted to add energy storage to our mission statement in 2022 to reflect our growing commitment to the industry. Creating fair rates and incentive programs for energy storage will make our grid stronger, benefit solar customers across the state, and encourage the continued deployment of clean energy.

Energy storage enhances the efficiency and reliability of the electrical grid while providing a great way to maximize the benefits of solar energy. The price of energy storage has decreased significantly in recent decades and technological advancements have made storage available to a wide range of electrical customers. Many of MnSEIA's members are installing and manufacturing battery storage systems now!

Energy Storage plus Solar Minnesota MnSEIA All Energy Solar
Image Courtesy of All Energy Solar

MnSEIA wants to ensure that storage incentives are available across Minnesota and that customers are being adequately rewarded for the benefits they bring to the grid.

2023 energy storage legislation that MnSEIA helped to successfully pass included:

  • $7 million for incentive programs for on-site energy storage systems;
  • $250 thousand for an energy storage system capacity study evaluating the amount of energy storage required to achieve the state’s new 100% carbon free standard;
  • $3.4 million for the University of St. Thomas Center for Microgrid Research.

These wins will jumpstart the MN market and send a business signal that Minnesota is serious about energy storage. MnSEIA will build upon this success in future legislative sessions to further expand the industry.