At MnSEIA, we believe that a diverse solar workforce creates a more resilient industry. We encourage our member companies, and other solar organizations in Minnesota, to support equitable and inclusive hiring policies to attract and retain a diverse set of employees in their managerial positions, installer workforce, supplier relations, and other partners.

As we work towards a transition to a clean economy, to whatever extent we are able, let's make it a just and fair transition that includes everyone. We hope that solar energy is not only manufactured, sold, and installed by a more diverse workforce but is also owned by and accessible to more people, regardless of income or zip code. MnSEIA is working towards this goal with legislative initiatives such as funding for Solar on Schools and Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards low-income program, however, the work is far from over. We are looking inwards with a mind towards self-improvement and will continue to reflect on how we can play a greater role in a more equitable solar industry.

Below are readings and resources that are available to educate ourselves on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI.) We have also listed solar-related organizations to learn more about and partner with, as well as other ways to be in support. We will continue to add and highlight these resources and educate ourselves.

Solar Specific Articles and Resources:

Articles on Improving the Diversity Policy and Eliminating Racism in Your Workplace:

Other Resources:

Job Boards to Hire Diverse Candidates:

Another option is Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) job boards, which are used to help connect HBCU students and alumni with employers from across the U.S.


  • Check out this list of Black-owned businesses in the Twin Cities to support now and in the future and this list of more than 150 Black-owned businesses across the country.
  • GRID Alternatives is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on making renewable energy technology and training available for underserved communities. While GRID Alternatives does not have offices in the Midwest, you can join their job board to hire their trainees, donatebecome a member, or partner with them.

    This organization is doing amazing and important work to diversify the solar industry and help make clean energy available to more people. If you have offices or projects in California, Colorado, or the Mid-Atlantic region this would be a great organization to partner with.

  • The Just Solar Coalition is a diverse coalition of Minnesota-based solar developers, community organizers, environmental groups, thought leaders, financiers, and much more that have a vision of 100% access to the benefits of clean energy and a just transition towards a green economy.

    You can sign their pledge to advocate for 100% accessible solar energy, join the coalition, or volunteer to support them.

  • Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund. Shanelle Montana (who previously worked at member company EDF Renewables and served on the MnSEIA Board) and her husband have helped establish a fund for Black and brown companies that have been impacted by the recent riots.