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About Us

The Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association (MnSEIA) represents and serves Minnesota energy professionals and solar energy users. MnSEIA promotes the use of solar energy and conservation in order to best serve the public interest, to improve the environment for a sustainable future and to create family-supporting jobs. 
MnSEIA's membership is comprised of over 100 organizations involved in photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. We represent solar installers, vendors, developers, distributors, manufacturers, job trainers, labor unions, environmental non-profits, law firms, utilities and more.
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Our History & Goals

When MnSEIA was formed in 2009 there were 330 solar installations in Minnesota, generating 1.5 Megawatts of electricity. Today, there are more than over 40 Megawatts of solar in Minnesota. 
Four years of organizing with strong allies in the labor and environmental movements—plus inspiration from the accomplishments of the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) and SEIA State Chapters—led to 2013 solar legislation with a 1.5 percent solar energy standard, which guarantees at least 450 Megawatts of solar by 2020. We are, however, on pace to exceed that amount by leaps and bounds.
The Minnesota solar industry is growing fast. Now our goal is to reach 1 Gigawatt (1,000 Megawatts) of solar by 2019. In seven years we have gone from a 150 million dollar industry to a 1 billion dollar market. 
MnSEIA's policial focus is now on appropriately implementing the 2013 legislation at the agency level. We have been working on ensuring that the Value of Solar Tariff incorporates all of solar's societal benefits, and creating a strong Community Solar Garden program.
Going into the 2017 Legislative session, we are looking first to protect our 2013 legislation, but also we, with the help of our environmental allies, are hoping to increase the Community Solar Garden colocation cap, as well as to develop a manufacturing incentive program.
MnSEIA highlights the work done by our membership to bring clean, solar energy to our state. We will continue to build the strength of our membership in order to further the mission of creating clean solar energy and economic opportunities for Minnesota by promoting good business, solar energy best practices, and preservation of our environment. See our current policy priorities. Please join us in developing the tremendous potential of Minnesota solar.

MnSEIA Board of Directors

Dustin Denison - President, Applied Energy Innovations / MN Community Solar 

Jan Hubbard - Treasurer, RREAL

Ralph Jacobson - Secretary, Innovative Power Systems

Donna Pickard -  Aladdin Solar 

David Fries - Werner Electric

Brendan Dillon - tenKsolar

John Kearney - MnSEIA Staff Representative

John Kripotos - IBEW 292

David Streier - Silicon Energy 

Doug Shoemaker - MN Renewable Energy Society (MRES) 

Margot Fleming - Itek Energy

Scott Spisak - Frattalone Companies

Timmy Droel - Droel, PLLC

Aaron Pyfferoen - Blattner Energy, inc.