Solar & Storage Part of Westwood's Growth Strategy
Westwood in bold red letters
image courtesy of Westwood Professional Services
US Solar, Walmart Announce Agreement for 36 Community Solar Gardens
Blue background with Walmart, US Solar logo with announcement
Image courtesy of US Solar Corporation
The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance named a winner of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar in Your Community Challenge
Map of United States with pins indicating contest participants and winner locations
Image courtesy of RREAL
University of Minnesota Partners with Ameresco to Install 2 Megawatts of Solar Energy Generation and Advances Goal to Reduce Emissions 50% by 2020
U of MN campus aerial photo with solar arrays displayed
Image courtesy of Ameresco
GP JOULE Expands Capacity into Key U.S. Northeast and Midwest Solar Markets
GP JOULE 2.6 MW array aerial view in Waconia, MN
Image courtesy of GP JOULE: 2.6 MW Project in Waconia, MN